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When her grouchy neighbor decides she’s the one for him, this curvy girl gives him a run for his money.



When my new neighbor comes storming out of his house complaining about the way I’m dressed, I give him a piece of my mind and vow to forget all about him.

I spend the next week avoiding him at all costs until my luck runs out.


There’s no escaping him since Scrooge McJerk is opening the sporting goods store two doors down from my own boutique.

He says he’s going to “woo” me but I’m not going to make it easy for him.

If Will Riordan wants to win my heart, he’s going to have to bring on his best game.



My new neighbor is trying to drive me out of my mind.


Seeing her running half-dressed through the neighborhood was too much to bear and I let my emotions get control of me and end up ticking her off. Royally.


Now, she’s avoiding me like the plague while I try to figure out how to win her heart.

Because there’s no way I can live without my curvy little neighbor.


If you like OTT, curvy girl, older man/younger woman, romance, this Loni Ree short instalove is the book for you!



The bored rockstar has a surprise waiting for him in the front row.


It’s like any other performance. Until I find my soulmate sitting in the front row.


One look at the gorgeous curvy girl and I’m caught. Hook. Line. And Sinker.


In an instant, I realize I’m Addicted 2 Candy. Now, I have to find a way to convince my dream girl to take a chance on me. Forever.



TIed to roman

Silver Spoon After Dark Book 1

Welcome to Silver Spoon After Dark. Your patronage will be our dirty little secret.



I can’t believe the things I do for my job.


The members of Sp*nked, the new band I’m trying to sign to my family’s record label are making me jump through hoops. Literally. Their latest demand, for me to join them for a night at The Sterling Rope, just might cause me to scream in frustration.


I have no business at the exclusive naughty club, where billionaires go to indulge their every fantasy. That is not who I am! But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...


My mission was to go in and get the contract, signed, sealed, and delivered. Nowhere in the agreement was I supposed to fall for the man who owns the club!


Oh my, things definitely don’t go as planned. Once I meet Roman, there’s no turning back. He wants to negotiate a whole different kind of contract with me.  And I can’t say no to Mr. Tall, Dark and Naughty.


When the sun sets in Silver Spoon Falls, things heat up at The Sterling Rope. The best girls can find everything their hearts desire within, including some of the town's filthiest billionaires. There are no rules. Only submission.



Silver Spoon Falls Falcons Book 5



The universe is having fun at my expense.

There’s no other way to explain my crazy reaction to the hot hockey player. He’s tall, dark, and drop dead gorgeous. He’s also wreaking havoc on my nervous system.

When I agreed to take my brother’s new business partner out to dinner, I figured it would be just like any other boring business meeting. Then Jensen Sparks walks in the door and changes everything. There’s no denying our attraction—it sizzles from the moment our hands touch and I know that my rules of never mixing business with pleasure just flew right out the freaking window.

What we wanted: professional athletes. What we got: stick-wielding madmen who look good in TEAM COLORS, play hard, and love harder. It's a good thing this is Silver Spoon Falls because these hunky hockey players fit right in.

Welcome the Falcons to the roster! These over-the-top athletes are about the play the most important game of all: the game of love. And the sassy, curvy women of Silver Spoon Falls have no intention of going down without a fight. Let the games begin!


Burning up

Honey Pot Alphas Book 1


It’s not every day you find your slightly underdressed soulmate hanging out in a tree waiting to be rescued but I’m going to take my good fortune and run with it.


What starts out as an ordinary day at the fire station turns into anything but when we go on the first call of the evening. Parker Scott somehow managed to fall out her bedroom window and land on a tree branch outside—minus her clothes.


One look at the curvy little damsel in distress and I sense my life is never going to be the same again. My inner bear wakes up and declares she’s “mine,” and I know there’s no fighting my destiny.


After I rescue my stunning mate, I’m going to tie her gorgeous little rear to me for all eternity.


If you like over-the-top, growly bear shifter, curvy girl instalove with a ton of humor, and a tiny amount of drama, this short story is perfect for you.


Carlie's Coach


Coach Marrow is looking for a change. Little does he know he’ll find it when he leasts expects it.



I thought attending the concert would be a great way to relax. Wrong.


It didn’t take me long to realize I’d made a mistake trying to regain my lost youth or something like that. I was headed right back out the door when I saw her. The woman who will change my life forever.


She bowled me over, and I got so caught up in making love to her, I forgot to get her name. When I wake up the next morning, ready to make her mine forever, I find my little tigress has disappeared.


Now, I’ll do whatever it takes to find my missing soulmate and tie her to me so tight, she won’t ever get away again.



The universe is getting its kicks messing with me.


Okay, I’ll admit, it was a really bad idea to leave the concert with the hottie, but I threw caution to the wind and took a chance. The next morning, I realized I had no idea how to deal with the morning after, so I did the first thing that came to mind. I got the heck out of there.


Little did I know I took a little something with me. I have no idea how to find the hottie who stole my heart and knocked me up, but the universe has other plans for me. When I get into a little fender bender on the way to work, my mystery man drops back into my life and turns everything upside down. To my horror,  I end up passing out on him and then throwing up on his shiny, expensive shoes. Oops.


Now that I’ve found my mystery man, I have to figure out a way to tell him my little secret and  hopefully steal his heart in the process. Turnabout is fair play, and he’s owned mine since the moment we met.





What do you do when your dream man storms into your life and turns things upside down?

You return the favor!



I’m living my best life. I have my dream job, my best friends, and my spoiled little kitty, Romeo. What more could a girl want?


Okay. I’m not going to lie. I’m a little jealous when my best friend finds the love of her life, but I’m happy with my life just the way it is.


Until I meet Dillon Evans. One look at the smoking hot businessman, and my heart is toast. Too bad, the big jerk makes it clear he doesn’t feel the same way.


Now, I’m stuck fighting my feelings for Mr. Tall, Blond, and Conceited while my friends find love.

Lucky me.


Dillon Evans

Never say never.


I always thought my heart was safely enclosed in an impenetrable shell. Love just wasn’t in the cards for me.


Until a curvy little spitfire roars into my life and turns things upside down. One look at Piper and I’m a goner. Before I know it, she owns me hook, line, and sinker. There’s only one problem. My independent dream girl is dead set against relationships.


When she suggests we have a strictly physical, secret liaison, I agree. After all, Piper is necessary for my survival so I’ll take her any way I can get her.


That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on happily ever after with my soulmate. I’ll just have to find a way to make her fall head over heels in love with me.


How hard can that be?

Looking for over-the-top heroes falling hard for their curvy women? Loni promises cute, quick insta-love romance with a touch of humor and an abundance of steam.



Silver Spoon Falls Falcons Book 1


My teammates love to razz me about my literary habits.


A hockey player who loves to read? Unheard of, right?


I always let their teasing roll off my back and keep my head in the game, until they send a curvy little firecracker to my door with a special delivery. And by "special delivery" I mean the filthiest books the jerks could find in Silver Spoon Falls. Now, my head is everywhere except in the game...and so is my heart. Both are tangled up in the smart-mouthed little goddess who thinks she can fight what’s happening between us. Allie Mackenzie is wrong, and I intend to prove it to her. Repeatedly, in fact.



Surely the universe is just toying with me.


A hot hockey player who loves to read? Way too good to be true.


Then he keeps showing up at my bookstore to buy books, and I think I just found my Kryptonite. Someone send help because I do not have time for Miles Temptation, I mean Temptest, or his wicked ways. But oh man, when he smirks at me, my heart rate goes into overdrive, and my body comes alive. This is bound to end in disaster...right?!


What we wanted: professional athletes. What we got: stick-wielding madmen who look good in TEAM COLORS, play hard, and love harder. It's a good thing this is Silver Spoon Falls because these hunky hockey players fit right in.


Welcome the Falcons to the roster! These over-the-top athletes are about the play the most important game of all: the game of love. And the sassy, curvy women of Silver Spoon Falls have no intention of going down without a fight. Let the games begin!

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