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Silver Spoon MC Book 3

The hunky cowboy roars into my life and turns things upside down but I won’t go down without a fight.


Is he smoking hot? Heck yes.

Does staring at his muscular body make my girly parts sing? Oh, yes.

Does the arrogant jerk make my blood boil? You know it.

Did he step into my floral shop and steal my heart? I’m trying to ignore that little tidbit.

So why am I making him work for it? Because I refuse to roll over and let the big jerk have his way without a little fight. He’s going to have to put in the effort to win me.

If the hot, wealthy biker is going to catch me, he’s going to have to learn a few lessons along the way.


The little sassy-pants florist is going to run me insane.


Do I have time to chase after her? No way. Between my club and my busy ranch, I’m catching myself coming and going.

Does that matter to my heart? Not in the least. The first time I laid eyes on the curvy little doll, she owned me. Lock, stock and barrel.

Am I going to let a rival club hurt the only woman I’ll ever love? Not in this lifetime.


Kyra might want to fight what’s happening between us but there’s no way I’ll let my soulmate slip through my fingers. After I prove to her how good things can be between us, I’ll tie my curvy little sassy-pants to me for life.


These wealthy Texans have it all—Money, looks, power, their MC and brothers. The only thing missing is someone to share it all with. There’s a shortage of eligible ladies in town but these determined men won’t let that slow them down. These MC brothers are going to turn the town of Silver Spoon Falls, Texas, on its ear looking for their curvy, soulmates.


Nichole Rose and Loni Ree are bringing you the Silver Spoon MC Series and these aren’t your typical MC romance stories. Nichole and Loni like to keep things light. Come along with us on this wild instalove ride.

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How do I manage to get myself into these situations?


I need to get la*d.


My day from hell just got a thousand times worse. The message I intended to send to my best friend went to my new boss instead. Now, the Big Boss knows I’m desperate and needy. Not the best look for a girl trying to get ahead in the corporate world dominated by men.


To my shock, my errant text doesn’t anger my boss. In fact, the gorgeous CEO is ready to lend me a hand in remedying my situation.


How can I turn down such a tempting offer?


You might remember Derek Wescott from Packaged Love. The businessman recognizes the perfect opportunity that just fell into his lap. Who cares if his love story starts with a wrong number text? He’ll take it and make his curvy little soulmate his forever.


This over-the-top quick read is perfect if you like insta-love romance with a little bit of humor.





You might remember Eric Russo from Ignoring the Rules and Can’t Resist Her. The younger Russo brother is getting his HEA with Lynette Hilton from Big Boss.

Let me take you on a wild ride.


I'm not sure what to make of the text from my hunky new boss. Did he really mean to ask me, his plain-Jane new caretaker on a ride? I mean, I’ve seen his brand-new monster bike in the garage. And I have been fantasizing about him showing me a thing or two. Both on and off the road. But that’s just make-believe. Or is it? I guess I’ll  help him recover from his near-death accident then I plan to take the Bad Boss up on his offer.


I can’t believe my brother sent that stupid text to my new employee. The message might’ve been a mistake, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Who cares if it takes an errant text to get things started with the girl of my dreams? I plan to take my opportunity and run with it.


If you like over-the-top, insta-love romance with a little bit of humor, and a tiny amount of drama, this short story is perfect for you. Like all Loni Ree books, the drama is light, and the romance is fast.