When magic goes awry, fairytales come to life.


The beautiful, curvy witch’s spell goes astray and snares the big, bad wolf. One second I’m happy with my solitary life then, boom!  I feel like I’ve been clobbered between the eyes by a two-by-four. She turns my world upside down, and my cravings for the little vixen roar out of control.


Her crystal ball is wrong. It’s telling her there’s no way a grumpy wolf and free-spirited witch are mates.  My wolf knows she’s mine and I have my work cut out for me. It won’t be easy to convince my stubborn little soulmate to see the truth but this stubborn wolf loves a good fight.


Look out little witch, your growly wolf is coming for you.

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First Bite

Monsters & Curves Book 2

The vampire CEO falling for his curvy, human Personal Assistant? I’m not sure if this is a fairytale or a horror movie.


Running Crimson, a vampire-friendly blood bank, with my best friend keeps me busy and I need help. We’ve endured a string of power-hungry paranormal assistants trying to trap two of the most eligible vampires alive instead of doing their jobs. While I’m out of town, he pulls a fast one on me. Hiring the delectable, curvy human to work  in close contact with me is downright crazy. Something bad is bound to happen. My best friend and business partner has lost his mind. His insane idea brought my human soulmate right to me.


Instead of love at first sight, it’s a case of love at first bite.


I’ll have to remember to thank my friend once I tie my soulmate to me for life.


Look out curvy, little human, your hungry vampire is coming for you.